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38 of the Best Burgers in St. Paul and Minneapolis

My goodness, people are passionate about burgers. And why not? They’re delicious. When you ask someone: “What’s the best burger in the Twin Cities?” you get a crazy range of answers.

Some point to a chef-created $14 piece of art. Others point to a $6 fast-casual burger. Others go to an iconic burger that created a category or reminds them of their youth.

I find all of those measuring sticks equally valid. A good burger should take you somewhere, should give you a taste of the grill, of the beef, of the bun. It should be a little pink, a little salty, and the bun needs to have weight so it doesn’t get soggy from the juices.

I asked your input on twitter, and I will include some burgers on this list that came from enough of you that I trust your word, even though I haven’t tried them. I’ll indicate those burgers with an asterisk.






There are great resources on burgers: I love this piece by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine on great burgers from 2013. Rick Nelson’s Burger Friday is awesome.

And I’m certain this list is completely wrong. Some burgers shouldn’t be here. no doubt I’ve forgotten your favorite. Print out the list! Correct the record in the comments! Go enjoy the greatest sandwich ever created — the burger!