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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

So many of us have become our fathers. All we want for Father’s Day is “a happy, healthy family,” or “a phone call from the kids to say they love me,” or “I have everything I need.” So I’m here to help. A combination of Minnesota favorites in here as well as some national brand items. Everything in this list I personally recommend!

I may get a commission on an affiliate link and/or have received gifted items in exchange for promotion.

WATCHES: TC Time & Luxury: David Brenke has spent his career working in luxury watches, but his local, one-man, pre-owned watch business runs the gamut from gorgeous Rolex, Tudor and IWC to more entry-level Seiko. I have bought so many watches from TC Time & Luxury – you can buy this Tudor I’m wearing right now! Tell David I sent you, he’ll give you an even better deal than normal! VIEW SELECTION: (I partner with Twin Cities Time & Luxury)

A UNIQUE PEN: I have bought more than a dozen pens from my friend Barry Rubin, who used to have a retail store called “Ink.” All 4 of those in this picture are ours. He still curates an amazing selection – and can find a pen for your dad based on his favorite color or his favorite hobby or musician. Contact (I partner with Ink)

KITCHEN KNIVES: I love Eversharp in Northeast Minneapolis, family-owned, 17-years in business, super-popular with chefs and restaurants. Buy a gift card for sharpening, or go get a new kitchen knife, or set of steak knives. They’ve got tons of deals this month because they brought in a couple pallets of knives from Wusthof in Germany. SHOP ONLINE: (I do fun IG videos in a partnership with Eversharp)

FRESH BY HOUSTON WHITE AT TARGET: Houston White is a Minneapolis entrepreneur (The Get Down Coffee Co) and his brand FRESH is an outstanding local gift!

MEN’S FASHION: Two great shops right across the street from each other in the North Loop of Minneapolis: MartinPatrick3 and Jaxen Grey. I’m a sucker for the apothecary section at MartinPatrick3. They’ve got a display right now of vintage colognes, so find that old school Drakkar! They’ve got Aesop skin care and soaps (I love). Amazing clothing and shoe selection here as well as barware too. I’m a frequent shopper. Same deal at Jaxen Grey – incredible selection of clothing at affordable prices. I wear a lot of Les Deux and 7 Diamonds. Some of my other favorites: Billy Reid has a great store at 50th & France in Edina, I can’t leave there without buying a ton of things (the jacket above is from there.) And I LOVE Todd Snyder!

COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION: I’ve been a subscriber to Trade Coffee for 8 years or so now. They send you a bag of beans based on your flavor profile every month, or six weeks, or whatever you want. You get 30% off your first month if you use my link (I get $20 credit).

COFFEE GEAR FROM FELLOW: I love Fellow (founded by a couple of Minnesota natives, now in SF). Sexiest coffee gear that looks amazing on my counter, but also performs at such an elite level. I own their Stagg Electric Kettle that heats my water to a precise temperature, and the ODE grinder. Cool drinkware collection as well!

GQ SUBSCRIPTION BOX: I’ve subscribed to this box for several years – I get skin/hair care items, sunglasses, t-shirts, other things too. Use code SUMMER24 to save 40%. Works out to be about $45-$50/box for $90 worth of stuff.

BALLER CHARCOAL GRILL: The team at Kamado Joe sent me their Konnected Joe charcoal grill to test and oh my goodness, it is a game changer. Charcoal grill with the ease of gas. The flavor is incredible, the ability to get high heat and sear is unmatched, and then the ability to hold heat and slow smoke or BBQ is awesome. This is for the tech-lover who loves to grill – as it’s connected to a digital app. Find it at Home Depot!

THE ATHLETIC SUBSCRIPTION: Sports-loving dad? I get The Athletic through my NY Times subscription, you can give the gift for just $20/year. GIFT SUB: