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Best Spicy and Adventurous Cuisine In The Twin Cities

I spend a lot of time enjoying fine dining spots, finer dining spots, and on the opposite end – the hole in the wall. But Jamie’s question on Twitter struck a chord with me.

I have lived here for 5 months and get depressed about the lack of places up my alley. We’re not much for fancy dining out, but love spicy and adventurous cuisine.


Jamie – I know my readers will have more suggestions in the comments, but here are some places I think you’ll love.

  • Hola Arepa – Great brunch, great dinner, awesome drinks. I love the Shiitake Cachapa, the Chimichurri Chicken and Adobo Chicken Arepas
  • Sonora Grill – Shrimp Temprua and Chicken Al Pastor Caramelos, don’t miss the eggplant fries.
  • On’s Kitchen – Nice Thai spot, great Spicy Laab salad and
  • Marla’s Carribean Cuisine – Jamaican Jerk Shrimp or Chicken (go Marla’s Hot if you dare)
  • Harry Singh’s Carribean – Jerk Chicken Roti is awesome, get your own Carribean Fire Pepper Sauce too.
  • Krung Thep Thai – Spicy Papaya Salad, Roasted Duck Curry, get it as hot as you like.
  • Brasa – the beef has a nice spicy note, but their pork is my favorite. Collard Greens or Yams & Andoille are my favorite sides
  • Pineda Tacos – one of the most underrated Mexican spots. Great burrito, great chimichanga (the chipotle chicken is legit).

Other sources on this topic:

Heavy Table’s Central Avenue checklist is awesome. Many ethnic treasures up and down this corridor.

MSP Magazine’s Peter Lillenthal is one of the best ethnic restaurant minds in town, he knows how to find the hidden treasures. His Spiciest Global Eats list is right on the money.


5 Great Places to Eat Near Target Field

It’s Twins season, and while the food inside the ballpark is great, maybe you want to eat somewhere nearby. Here are 5 casual spots, all DeRusha Eats-approved, where you’ll be comfortable with some friends, with buddies, or with clients.

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4 Star Minneapolis St. Paul Restaurants

Another worthy 4 star restaurant! Spoon and Stable occupies an interesting place in the Twin Cities – I would argue it may be the most complete restaurant experience in town. The service is perfect, the room is gorgeous, the wine list is exciting and fresh ranging from affordable to luxury, the bar is sexy, the desserts are world class, and the food is absolutely delicious. UPDATED LIST AS OF APRIL 1 2015 As far as I can tell, Rick has given 15 restaurants that are currently open and operating 4 stars.

I think Rick’s in an interesting spot, because he has yet to review Brasserie Zentral, and the new Corner Table. Both are potential 4-star spots. UPDATES to ORIGINAL POST: Spoon and Stable lives up to the hype, in Rick’s 2015 review Rick Nelson has just given Heyday in Minneapolis 4 stars. I totally agree it’s worthy, as I foreshadowed in my write-up here. Boom. the Brazzerie Zentral review is finally out, and it gets 4 stars, 2014 Your thoughts? Are these restaurants worthy? Who else should be on the list?