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3 Great Sushi Spots in Minneapolis

I love answering questions on Twitter, either @DeRushaJ or @DeRushaEats – Patrick asked about my favorite sushi places in Minneapolis:

She deserves some sushi, Patrick! Here are my three favorite spots for sushi in Minneapolis, plus one I need to visit.

  • Origami: traditional, creative, huge selection of extremely fresh and delicious sushi
  • Masu: fun vibe, reasonably-priced rolls, high-quality, wide selection of robata and ramen noodle too
  • Fuji Ya: incredible, premium sushi. Go omakase, and have the chefs pick for you

Plus one bonus selection based on reputation and the fact that I have to get there:

  • Kyatchi: sustainable seafood up and down the menu, pressed sushi, plus hot dogs!

Patrick tweeted his choice and his verdict:

What’s your favorite sushi spot in Minneapolis?