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Summer Edition: Top 12 Burgers in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Is there anything hotter than burgers right now? No, there is not. Why is this the case? Burgers are delicious. It’s pretty simple. The hot trend right now is the simple, diner-style burger: thin patties, nice char, simple toppings. It’s a great trend! A great trend!

Because you love burgers, I’ll be updating this list periodically with my Top 12 Burgers in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  1. Revival
  2. Saint Dinette
  3. Parlour
  4. Strip Club Meat & Fish
  5. Vincent
  6. Haute Dish
  7. Paddy Shack [WCCO Story]
  8. Bulldog NE
  9. The Nook/Shamrock’s: [WCCO story]
  10. Victory 44
  11. Blue Door Pub
  12. Red Cow [WCCO story]

My Must-Try List:

  1. Nighthawks (Update 8/4 – tried it and loved it. Excellent burger. Will likely make next list.)
  2. il Foro
  3. Surly

What else should be on the must-try list? What else should be in my Top 12?

UPDATE 7/17: Tried the Tilia Burger – the cheese sauce is quite dominant, but a very, very good burger.